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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  September 2, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> we didn't get the memo. >> there were cars out there. folks, around the bay area, lots of clouds and very, very muggy. it's 68 degrees now in concord. there is a slight chance we could see showers. >> very difficult sleeping weather last night. mass transit is on a holiday schedule today on a typical sunday schedule. we have a pretty bad crash in san jose. >> i was going to say you will have a quiet day but i guess not. >> right now the round the clock job of getting new bay bridge span opening is happening. in a little more than 21 hours we'll see our first morning commute. ryan is in oakland this morning with the finishing tups
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happening today. >> reporter: we expect cantran to give an update at 8:00 this morning. they say the opening is still scheduled for tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. they're putting on the finishing touches on the project in 20 years in the making. some marking, paving of the east bound lanes, striping and cleaning up. they will not say if the bridge will open early. >> all work is going well. there has not been any surprises and if there is an opportunity to open the bridge earlier we'll take advantage of that but we're not ready to make that call yet. >> reporter: here is the sped up version of what you'll see if you drive on the span tomorrow. this is a version of heading
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west bound. it's definitely different than what we're used to. >> what can you tell us about the road test happening this afternoon? >> reporter: we know that about 20 historic cars are going to take a trip on the eastern span this afternoon after a ceremony. we don't know if that will have an affect on whether or not the bridge will open early. we know they'll have cleaning up to do after the road test. >> thank you, ryan. >> let's cut the ribbon. it cost more than $6 billion to complete. is it worth it all. mark kelly is on treasure island. >> reporter: it's absolutely beautiful on a morning like this. there is a little bit of fog but there is no doubt this entire project has become
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political. we sat down approximate randy wrench her of the mtc. he said we want to stay on everything and that comes with a cost. one is time and now it's nearly 24 years later and two, money, $6.4 billion later. he says that process is good over all. it came out with a lot of positives and one was the bike path. he said it was a good idea and set a standard for the future. he said it's compare today the golden gate bridge. building that bridge wasn't a cake walk either. >> you i don't, the golden gate bridge was a tough one as well. they had design arguments, engineering arguments, cost went up too high. there was a notion that we're going to build big things.
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>> reporter: so a lot of similarities between this one and the golden gate bridge. >> i think we can all agree that the bridge is beautiful. image was always a factor in the design, right? >> reporter: you're right. it's beautiful this time of day all lit up. he said when we were building this we want add statement on the bay and i'm sure many will agree that's what we got. >> mark kelly, live for us this morning. >> bart is working overtime to get people across the bay this weekend. it recorded a quarter of a million trips this saturday. that's the second highest rider ship. the record was broke last week in october. more than 300,000 people road that day. they'll be running on a
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saturday schedule today. ac transit and uni any offers holiday service. we have tools to help you plan your route. right now we're starting with breaking news out in san jose. >> a double fatal out on the highway. >> reporter: the location is at north 1st street and sky port in san jose. that intersection is blocked. the crash was reported a little more than an hour ago. it was a head on collision and we have a crew heading to the scene. you'll want to avoid that area for a while. two people were confirmed killed. here is your alternate bridges to the bay bridge, once again closed this morning. hopefully, by this time tomorrow morning, the bay bridge will be open.
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right now you may have to go the long way around. so far all traffic is moving at the limit. here is a live look. the drive time is about 13, maybe 14 minutes in either direction. it's a hole day so we're not expecting the kind of traffic we see on thursday and friday. the mass transit is on a holiday schedule. speaking of the forecast, it is very muggy outside. very difficult to see and it's hot out there. >> we have some tropical moisture making a way into our skies today. our doppler radar is showing some of the moisture over the mountains. some of that not hit the ground but there is a chance you could see a couple isolated sprinkles
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today. 68 degrees in lynn more, 67 in san jose. we have patchy fog toward the coast line. tropical moisture is dragging up so it may be a little unsettled. temperatures will be mild, some 70s around the bay. 4:37 now. the obama administration is struggling to lineup an international coalition to take over the regime of bashar al- assad. the president and his staff are trying to sell congress on the idea. >> are president obama has invited john mccain to the white house today. he's hoping the senator will help convince congress. the senator has questions of his own. >> i want to see the plan and
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strategy that this will achieve goals we need to achieve. >> reporter: more than 100 members attended a class yesterday on the chemical weapons attack on syria. more is scheduled for today. >> there is a great deal of scepticism in the support we'll have for the find of strike proposed. >> reporter: the government sent a letter asking the unite superdome nations to step in. >> reporter: syria maintains it never used chemical weapons. a team of un inspectors wrapped up their investigate this weekend. >> i think voices will grow over the next few days. >> reporter: john kerry say
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tropical storm us has collected blood and hair samples. >> the senate arm service committee will columnar low suit on tuesday. nelson mandela is back home. he remains in critical condition and will keep getting help for his lung infection. his home has been reconfig youred so the medical team can take care of him there. the yosemite national park is the largest on record. the two week old fire is now 45% contained with full containment not expected until
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later this month. the area is 241 square miles. it's destroyed 11 structures. >> the rim fire is keeping many away this holiday weekend. smoke from the fire is changing the scenery. >> reporter: the views at yosemite have been pristine despite the wildfires but that all changed this morning. this is what half dome looks like from yosemite valley. the fret of fire has kept some away. they fear park attendance will be down by as much as 18,000 this weekend. thousands of acres could burn before it reaches this line. mike mcmillan is with the incident command team. is the strategy here to just
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let it burn? >> no. we never let it just burn. we hope to use fire and natural barriers to stop the fire without lose the natural resources. >> reporter: the pentagon has approved the use of an unmanned aerial drone. outside the park, residents are back in mountain towns saved by firefighters but the smoke lingers and so does an empty feeling. tory moss books vacation rentals that should be full. >> it's the biggest weekend for us. i's like the 4th of july. >> reporter: the reservations had to be cancelled, an estimated $20,000 loss. >> we'd rather them be safe than make money. >> reporter: it could be two weeks before crews have the fire fully surrounded.
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>> for all the latest updates on the rim fires go to >> just getting started. 4:42 now. the photographer behind a spectacular shot wants you to pay close attention to one thing. that's coming up. summers is not over yet but doctors want you to think about flu season now. i'll tell you why, coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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look than just about anyone. well, we've been watch the new bay bridge go up for years now. one man has gotten a closer look than anyone. he's been looking at the new span since the 90s and he's been using the same tool, a camera. >> reporter: the photographs capture soring views from near the top of the new bridge across san francisco bay. more often the photographer focuses his lens on the builders building the bridge.
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joe, now 72, has been documenting the construction for 15 years. >> i was young man when i came out here and started on this project. >> reporter: his age never seemed to get in his way and he maneuvered hundreds of feet in the air. he took photographs has workers wrestled with iron to create the elegant bridge. as impressive as the work is it's the workers he wants us to see. >> they know how to get in front of the cameras and talk about themselves but these guys do not. they take the design and the prints and turn it into a living structure of steal and concrete. >> belamies work is truly a labor of love t.bridge
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builder's photo collection is in the gallery at city hall and will be there through september 27th. go check it out. >> chs's oakland division tweeted this photo this weekend. one of their officers is a professional photographer. crews are on the scene of a deadly accident in san jose. >> are this is on city streets in san jose. the suspect vehicle, the person who was in that car is still -- they're still looking for him or her. that person fled the scene. they ran away after the accident. one person was killed at the scene and one later died at the hospital. they are detouring south bound 1st street, traffic at metro
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drive. you can see one of the cars involved in that crash. at this point it's just the interaction blocked off. there is a lot of high tech companies around there as well. it is a holiday so not as many people out there. the investigation could continue for a weill. let's get a good look outside. bay bridge still shut down. san mateo bridge and barton bridge is beauing at the limit. that's a check with traffic. let's go over to lawrence with a check on the weather. a lot of fog early on. we have some tropical moisture sliding into our skies. doppler radar is tracking that. we're talking about a slight chance of a couple of light showers. that's sliding in east of san jose. we're going to see something
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similar today. a lot of clouds are moving through with foggy conditions toward the coast line. it's very muggy outside. this afternoon we'll see 80s inland and 70s coast side. a low spinning off the coast line, wrap around moisture getting whipped up and circulation in the bay area keeping things unsettled for today. this low is going to be spinning off the coast line for the next couple of days. plenty of clouds on this labor day. maybe a couple of light sprinkles showing up but not much. if you have plans get out there and go do it anyway. temperatures about 79 in san jose, 66 in civil ca. east bay temperatures well into the 80s in many spots. looking nice into the
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afternoon. 73 in oakland. next couple of days, clouds today, not as much for tomorrow. then it looks like we'll see warmer weather heading toward the weekend. some of these temperatures soring into the 90s as we get into saturday and sunday. we may be talking about heat in september. >> they're giving us what we want. >> we'll take it lawrence. >> 4:49. a crab fisherman has drowned. his legs got tangled up in a rope in a crab pot. when he threw it into the water and as the pot sank it pulled him down. the man was dead by the time rescuers got there yesterday morning. parents should be thinking about flu season now. marly hall takes a look at the
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latest guidelines to take care of your kids coughing and sneezing. >> reporter: you like getting flu shot? >> no. >> reporter: billy may not like it but he's get agriculture flu shot this year and so is his brother. >> it's bad for kids and old people. >> reporter: children ages 6 months or older should get a flu shot every year as soon as it's available. >> people should not wait until december, january or february. they should be calling their doctor's offices now. >> reporter: they say it's important to be protected before the flu starts circulating. this year is is a vaccine that protects against four strains of the virus instead of three. >> there is no preference for one vaccine over the other.
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both are equally i tech tie. >> are doctors say it's also critical for some in particular groups to get the vaccine. billy has down syndrome. the whole family will be vaccinated as soon as it's available. time is 4:51 a us swimmer is about to make history. how many times has she tried swimming from florida to cube ba?
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her team jus us endurance swimmer diana naiad is 10 miles away from finishing her swim from cube ba to florida. she started in havanna friday. the 64-year-old swimmer is trying to break a record being the first person to swim from cuba to florida without a shark cage t.doctors say she's looking go ahead. this is her 4th try in the last three years. jelly fish stings have kept her from finishing before. san francisco's annual celebration -- john ramos shows us it definitely has a style all its own. >> reporter: oakland is described as a blue collar city. >> it's celebrate the diversity
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we have here in our city. we do things differently in oakland. >> reporter: this 4th pride festival has a different feel than the one across the bay. it's smaller and mellower with a popular kid zone where no one is bothered if your painting has two mommies in it. >> what i've seen is oakland's community, their diversity has embraced us here. >> are the city has a reputation for being more intense about gay issues. some think it just takes time. >> we're trying to figure out how to mingle and get together without ugliness. >> reporter: what was ugly was the commute to get from. this man was not going to let
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the bridge stop him. >> it was difficult tdetouring, tired or detouring around. >> reporter: joe and michael came here from pennsylvania to meet their brand new grand daughter. >> reporter: when are you moving here? >> we're not. >> you want everything but the taxes. >> last year oakland's pride festival drew some 38,000 people. time is 4:56. this next generation of sailors hit the bay. we're almost there. in just about 24 hours the new span of the bay bridge should be open.
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i'll let you know about the last minute preps going on, coming up.
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>> the section i'm standing on is the section that collapsed in the earthquake. >> reporter: it's been 20 years in the making and the new bay bridge is almost ready. high demand for parking is spurring cantran to raise the parking fees. all that stands in commuter's way now is some clean-up. >> this doesn't feelfill holes in our heart. >> reporter: will congress approve a possible military response on the killing of
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civilians in syria. >> reporter: from across the bay. >> we do things differently in oakland. >> to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix news this morning. it's monday september 2nd. >> happy labor day. we start with a traffic alert in san jose. here is liz with details. >> reporter: it's a hit-and-run crash in san jose. they're still looking for the driver of the suspect vehicle. here is a live look at the scene right now. the car under the truck is the victim's vehicle t.suspect's vehicle is to the right. a relatively business area in san jose. that's north 1st street sky port drive. they're being diverted to metro. the police do not have an


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